My To-Do List

This page is a quick list of neat sewing and needle arts projects that I plan to try and/or need to finish.  While this is more of an organizational tool for me, it might be of interest to you - who knows?  For a look at my list of recipes-to-try and other things, check out my other blog (The Midwest Texan).

Child's Play Tent - My boys are forever using blankets and furniture etc. to make tents, tunnels, and/or caves. So I thought it might be cool to make them something they could leave up in one of their  rooms.

Rag Rug (made from sheets) - This is a wonderful way to repurpose those old bed sheets that no longer match the new comforter, or those sheets that are so old and worn out in the middle you need to throw them away but cant bring yourself to waste the nearly pristine fabric still at the edges.  I have so many old sheets that they are threatening to take over the rag bin.....  Update: While I was at the Old Threshers Reunion this year, there was a lady giving lessons on making rag rugs via naalbinding, as well as selling a starter kit.  So I am set up to try it via naalbinding first.  I'll blog on it when I get things going.  I need to do it soon because the rug in the first floor bathroom finally disintegrated in the laundry.

Little Boys Ties - I have two little boys so I figure this might come in handy at some point.  Who knows maybe I could make it work for hubby too.

Super Hero Cape - I will have to scale it up a bit for my boys I think but the premise is still the same.

Hot Water Bottle Cozy - I might do this in knit too.

Scoodie - The name alone is worth it.  Useful and warm for those of us that live in northern climes.

Dinosaur Sweater - I have little boys.  They like dinosaurs.  What else can I say?

Convertable Hat - For those of us who wear our hair in ponytails.

Onesie Dress - I don't have little girls so I'll have to think of a friend with a baby girl.

Pumpkin Trick-or-Treat Bags - The potential here is very cool. I can take this beyond pumpkins to witches, ghosts, and other ghouls and, perhaps, sell a few in my Etsy shop.

Dr. Who TARDIS Socks - Yes I am a geek.  I freely admit it.  But come on....who wouldn't like a pair of Dr. Who TARDIS socks?

Dr. Who TARDIS Hat - It just stands to reason that, if you are going to make a pair of TARDIS socks, then you really should make a hat to go with them.